Apart from the typical logistics services for our machinery deliveries, we’re proud to be one of the few graphics dealers in Germany to be able to offer “real” services under one roof, e.g.

  • Technical support for mechatronics
  • Servicing of all manroland and Wohlenberg PPC machinery
  • Assembly and machine conversions
  • Project preparation

We provide our MAN Roland and manroland customers with special technicians who specialise in the aforementioned services:

  • Servicing of all MAN Roland, manroland and Wohlenberg PPC machinery
  • Support for your machinery as above for the following series: R900, R700, R500, R200E and R200T, R300, PR00 and PR01, as well as Wohlenberg SP, SPM, MCS, Cut-Tec and Pro-Tec with cutting widths of 76 – 185 cm